About PersonLinks

Technology has boomed beyond belief within the past 10 years and has taken over various industries and workplaces. It is a must learn skill now with a wide variety of subcategories. There is no denying that the future of technology will continue to revolutionize our lives.

PersonLinks is a Tech startup company created to utilize past, present and future technology to help in problem solving in our environment and to boost businesses around us by linking individual persons or group of persons to their particular software need. Everyday, we face new challenges, technology-wise or otherwise. We @ PersonLinks tend to focus on finding ways through the use of computers and related technology to ensure the solving of these problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is therefore the blending of evolutionary technology with business to solve problems in our immediate and distant environments in recent times.
At Personlinks, we offer a variety of services, some of which include graphics designing, web development, application development, typesetting, photography, data analysis, IT consulting and more...
The proliferation of laptops, tablets, and smartphones has made it easier for professionals to work from anywhere and has led to flexible-work environments like freelancing, work-on-demand, and work-from-home. This therefore puts us at the center of it all to provide in the best way possible, mecahnisms to ensure the smooth and easy funtioning of our daily activities, jobs and businesses in the heart of technology.

Thomas Person Munjam

C.E.O. (Founder) - PersonLinks Inc.

Why Choose Us?

Multi-Skilled Experts

Our experts are multi-skilled & our skill-set extends across many overlapping areas of technology & business expertise.

Experienced Team

Our team has experience working for major corporations as well as for small businesses. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We are Committed

You can trust us. We’re open, honest, knowledgeable, committed and genuinely care about making your business a success.

Time Conscious

Time is money, they say! We therefore take dealines very seriously to ensure we meet up on your demands within the right time frame.