The 2020 Graduation Ceremony of HTTC and HTTTC of UBa


The Higher Teachers Training College (HTTC) and the Higher Technical Teachers Training College (HTTTC) of The University of Bamenda today October 3rd, 2020 released its latest batch of graduating students. Today's ceremony was marked with the awarding of DIPES I and DIPES II of the HTTC and DIPET I and DIPES II of the HTTTC. This ceremony marks the first ever graduation ceremony to be held by these institutions out of the month of December.

The early graduation comes as an attempt to enable the future teachers commence teaching as classes for the upcoming 2020/2021 academic year kicks off on October 5th 2020.
The graduation ceromy started at 9:30am with assembly of graduants followed by assembly of various dignitaries and lastly by the Vice Chancellor of University of Bamenda representing the Minister of state, minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo. During the graduation ceremony there was awarding of prizes to the best student of each department.

The graduation ceremony also saw the releasing of the 3rd batch of graduants from Computer Science Department (The Binary Family) of HTTC. The Binary Family is considered the youngest department of HTTC and over the past 3 years almost all of its student teachers have graduated with the lowest of a second class upper division.

With the graduation of teachers from this department comes great expectations as they are to groom younger minds in a field which is tremendously growing in Computer Technology and related fields. Of course, we know they are going to deliver on the expectations.

In overall, the graduation ceremony at UBa for these two establishments was a success. However, we look forward to the second phase of the graduation ceremony which will come up sometime in December this year for the other faculties.