How to Outperform Your Competitors Using Technology

Technology has changed many businesses, it could change yours too. Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors? Here's the article you need. I'll share with you, a few ways you can use technology to outperform your competitors. Even if you're doing quite well today, some companies might just come up to kick out of the market. Companies like Imo or yahoo will offer a better testimony to that. 

Running a business within a profitable field is very tough, it's even harder when you have competitors to deal with. Other companies stealing your customers, downplaying your business, reducing your influence, authority, and overall turnover.  We have about 8 billion people on earth, this means competition for resources is inevitable, even in your business.

If you must make sales, offer your services, reach as many consumers as possible, You must find a way to deal with your competitor. I don't mean causing them harm, No! You have to act and think smarter than your competitors. You have to find a means to offer what they do not, in a way that they do not. 

How can I really do better than my competitors?

You must be asking yourself; " how can I do this?". It's one word, Technology. You can make use of the right technology in the right manner, to perform a lot better than your competitors. This is exactly why PersonLinks is here. Today businesses that do well, do so with the help of technology-based services. It's 2020, if your business is not making use of technology, you might never be able to outperform your strong competitors. 

Technology is a complex word, understanding the concept of technology is more complicated than wearing a baby's diapers, especially for a man. Our focus isn't just technology as in "machines", but on computer-based technology. We're talking about computers, mobile phones, websites, mobile apps, etc. , just so we're on the same page. 

Let's say you're into a fashion design company, a clothing/cosmetic shop, a beer deposit/sales point, a pharmacy, a construction company, a research institution, an educational institution, a consulting company, etc, you absolutely need computer-based technologies for your business, talkless of doing better than others. Without further ado, let's jump into the essence of our discussion.


1. Purchase/build a website

According to a study by B2B research firm; less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website. This means over a third of companies do not have a website, just yet. This also implies that a number of your competitors are without a website. Get more company stats for your business here. 

If your company is one without a website, I strongly recommend you to have one up as soon as possible. This is an opportunity for you to outsmart some of your competitors. I say "some" because a number of your competitors already have a website. You better catch up before it's too late. 

Before telling you how to get a website for your company/business, let's see the enormous benefits of a website to your business.

- A website creates a massive online presence, which exposes you and your products to a lot of potential clients online. Did you know that almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population (Statista)?

- Advertisement: With a website showcasing your products or services is extremely easy. If people need to know about your products/services, then you need to have a website.

- E-commerce: A good company website offers you the opportunity to easily sell your products/services online, something which all of your competitors might not be doing just yet.

- Contact Info: Have you ever missed out on a valuable customer just because they weren't properly informed? With your company website, you will be able to provide your contact info (location, email, phone) for your customers to see and get in touch with you.

These and many more are the benefits you'll get if you got a website for your company today. Wondering how to get a website for your company? PersonLinks is just what you need. The level of expertise and excellence of this company is something else. reach out to PersonLinks today, and have your website delivered to you how and when you want.

2. Go for a Mobile app

It is not sufficient just to have a website for your company/business, probably many of your competitors already do. In addition to a website, a mobile application for your business is next to primordial; especially if you have to outperform your competitors. Discover 10 reasons why every small business needs a mobile app

The mobile app makes it easier for you; to promote your products, keep track of and manage your customers, engage with your customers, reach out to many more potential customers, receive feedback from customers, helps you sell faster, and above improve your reputation in the market. After all, isn't beating your competitors all about reputation?

In 2017, Clutch found that 42% of small businesses had a mobile app, and another 25% planned to build one by the end of the year. Read more about their findings here. Again, PersonLinks is here to offer to help you with such an important task. Contact PersonLinks today, for your mobile app 

3. Use Website Analytics

This may sound a little strange and a little "too much" for you. Well if you really have to beat those competitors of yours, then you have to make use of website analytics. Since you've already have decided to purchase a website, is it not important that I tell you more on how to perform better than your competitors, even if they equally have a website?

Web Analytics is the collection of online data used to understand and optimize online presence. It is used to know everything about your customers; their preferences, interests, needs, etc. Marketing is only successful when one knows what is appealing to customers. Knowing what your customers want and how they want it will put you ahead of your competitors, big time. 

Google Analytics tool is the most popular tool for web analytics. It's good enough for your ambitions as a small business, and it's free. Here's how to use Website Analytics to make your business stand out. PersonLinks is in possession of higher qualified data analysts that can help your business get to where it's supposed to be. Reach out to them now

4. Professionalize with a Professional Logo

A logo isn't just some random design or mark, it is your identity as a company. It is your logo that stamps your authority and symbolizes the uniqueness and values of your company. A poor business logo design will disconnect your customers, that's why it's very important to have a professional logo for your company.

However small your budget, you can get a professional logo that will stir up your customers from PersonLinks. They know exactly what your company needs, so reach out to them today without hesitation. Discover 10 reasons why a small business logo is important in this article

5.  Sought Professional photography

The value of pictures on your business's online platforms cannot be undermined. Photography isn't just your camera or your lens, it the creativity, and the story of the photographer. The impact of quality, professional photography on your business is enormous.

Alongside your logo, photography plays a really big role in both online and offline marketing of your products. Professional pictures also represent maturity and professionalism; which greatly reassures your customers, putting them in good positions to engage.

If you really must do better than your competitors, you must impress potential customers, you must show quality and distinction, you must make your digital platforms (websites, apps, social media communities) eye-catching. It is with professional photography that you can and will achieve this. Of course, PersonLinks's all in one program has that for you too. contact them today to enjoy top-class photography for your business. Explore 8 benefits of professional photography to your business in this article

Bonus: Start a social media community of your own. 

While your competitors rely on the radio channels or door-to-door marketing, make the difference by building a social media community for your business. Use social media platforms like Facebook pages, Instagram, twitter. Hire a community manager to grow your audience and engage very frequently with your customers. 

In 2020, the number of people using social media is over 3.81 billion worldwide ( What does this number tell you? Simple, social media marketing is indispensable for your business. Many local, small companies are not established on social media just yet, this offers an opportunity for you to outpace your competitors. 

That's it for now, more articles coming up. Follow this blog so you don't miss out on anything. All checkout my blog LAH'S DIGITAL WORLD, for more tech stories.